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We welcome you to join the Association as one of our members.

As a professional association representing people committed to public health nutrition, we support academics, field workers, students, activists, policy-makers and other professionals at all levels from global to local in promoting equitable and sustainable access to adequate, enjoyable, appropriate and nourishing food.

We are part of the professional movement committed to advocating effective public health policies and actions. Please consider joining the Association and letting us know how you would like to get involved, or which skills you would like to share with us.

Your membership will help support:

  • The World Nutrition conferences
  • Ongoing advocacy work
  • Further development of our website and our journal World Nutrition.

In addition, your membership will offer you:

  • Substantially reduced registration fees to WPHNA conferences
  • The opportunity to report on your news and work on our website
  • Access to World Nutrition, as a reader or contributor
  • A chance to engage in advocacy and other global WPHNA activities
  • Opportunity to apply for professional certification, to become a Certified Global Public Health Nutritionist (cGPHN)
  • Opportunity to take action to improve Global Public Health Nutrition through advocacy, capacity building, sharing lessons learned and identifying COI issues in the sector

The cost of membership per year:

  • High income countries: 50 Euro/year
  • Upper middle income countries: 30 Euro/year
  • Applicants from Lower middle income and low income countries will be admitted free of charge for the first two years, on condition of `payment in kind´ by becoming assistants to an EC member, and would need to express their area of interest on the application. If not fulfilling this condition, they will pay 20 Euro/year.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students can become members at no cost, renewable each year whilst they are student. A letter from the University or institution and/or proof of enrolment should be sent to
  • The student should submit also a COI declaration and their commitment to contribute with in-kind support for the EC during the year.
  • Institutional membership for Universities, NGOs, social movements, research centres and community groups. Click here for more details.

If you are not sure in which category your country is, check here. You should consider your current country of residence.

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